Friday, February 4, 2011

Leaving Bahia

I spent my last night in Bahia with Romero and Maina who live way out in a suburban beach town. Before going to their house, they insisted that we go back to the Yemanja Festival and take in this rock band, Mario Melo, which was offering a free concert in the streets. I got so tired from being on my (newly healed) feet for countless hours and weathering the super-intense crowds, that there were moments I thought I would just collapse. Instead we danced it all out and then that night I slept it off. The next day I went down to a really quiet and beautiful beach and rode the waves. I got a really bad sunburn, so something new to complain about...

That evening Romero drove me to the airport to catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro. This time I flew on Web Jet which must be the Ryan Air of Brazil. The seats were so close together there was absolutely no room to lean back and stretch one's legs (and I'm relatively short!) The one cute stand-out was that all of the flight attendants wore lime green T-shirts that were the same color as the plane. Being so no-frills, they charged me 3 Reales for a glass of water...

Upon arrival in Rio (close to midnight) I went out to the curb and bargained for a taxi. Soon enough I arrived at the home of my final couchsurfing hostess, Regina. She's an attorney who lives in a nicely furnished condo with her ailing mother (cancer) and her two adopted/grown children. We immediately hit it off. Couchsurfing is amazing!!!

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